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I grew up listening to Stevie Wonder LPs at home with my parents on an almost daily basis.  The sounds of Stevie really helped shape my love of music.  Stevie epitomizes #feelgoodmusic and I am excited to share with you guys an unreleased Stevie track that I just came across.

This snippet is rumored to have been recorded during sessions for “Songs in the Key of Life.”  All credit for this funky love song goes to funku.fr.  It’s only 45 seconds, but it is a glorious 45 seconds.  Here’s to hoping that we get to hear this entire track and maybe some unreleased Stevie in the near future.


Thursday May 31st, I am heading back to The Whistler to kick of my summer residency at one of my favorite venues in the Chi. What can you expect, well…. here is what The Whistler had to say about me,  “Never afraid to go too deep or take a detour into left field, #Feelgood’s music is his own therapy. He grew up listeninging to his parent’s eclectic collection of funk (George Clinton, James Brown, Sly Stone), soul and R&B (Stevie Wonder, Curtis Mayfield, Earth Wind & Fire), synth-infused ’80s (Prince) and world music (Fela Kuti, Bob Marley, Rob Way, Sun Ra). Today, he blends all of this together and infuses it with his love for hip-hop and television. No matter the genre, this music will make you #feelgood.”

If you have never been to the Whistler, here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. It is amazing, congrats to you for choosing to go.

2. The venue has a limited capacity, get there early.

3. The venue prides itself on its cocktails, order well.

4. If you do come, don’t forget to use the HASHTAG #FEELGOOD for all those amazing pictures you will take while you are there rocking out.



A few weeks back, I was lucky enough to play at one of my favorite venues in Chicago, The Whistler. Well, I guess I impressed since, they were nice enough to ask me back for a series of shows over the coming months.

For a taste of what was heard, check out my mix below, hope to see you next time.

#feelgoodmusic Origins and Remixes by Greg #Feelgood on Mixcloud


The Late Night Bourbon Blends (Ratchet Edy Edition) by Greg #Feelgood on Mixcloud

Here is one of my latest mixes entitled “The Late Night Bourbon Blends”.

Last month I put together a mix for my good friend Reed Dailey and his Dailey Blend Brand (#DaileyBlend). Feel free check out the original post can be found here or you listen to mix and see the track list below.

You can stream this mix via TheDaileyBlend.com or you can subscribe to the podcast via itunes and each mix will automatically be downloaded to your itunes.

1.Slow Jamz (Produced by Kanye West) by Kanye West, Twista, Jamie Foxx
2.Bound 2 (Produced by Kanye West) by Kanye West
3.Use Your Heart (Produced by The Neptunes) by SWV
4.Higher (Featuring and Produced by Kanye West) by Do or Die
5.Punch Drunk Love (Featuring Pharrell, Kanye West Produced by The Neptunes) by Common
6.Maybe (Featuring ?uestlove and Lenny Kravitz Produced by The Neptunes) by N-E-R-D
7.Anti-Matter (Produced by The Neptunes) by N-E-R-D
8.Kitty Kat (Produced by The Neptunes) by Beyonce
9.Party (Featuring Kanye West & Andre 3000 Produced by Kanye West) by Beyonce
10.Have It All (Featuring Pharrell Produced by The Neptunes) by Gucci Mane
11.Can’t Tell Me Nothing (Produced by Kanye West) by Kanye West
12.Cold (Produced by Hit Boy) by Kanye West
13.I’m Good (Produced by The Neptunes) by Clipse
14.Presidential (Featuring Elijah Blake Produced by The Neptunes) by Rick Ross
15.Down and Out (Featuring and Produced by Kanye West) by Cam’ron
16.Doin My Job (Produced by Kanye West) by T.I.
17.Trouble on My Mind (Featuring Tyler the Creator Produced by The Neptunes) by Pusha T
18.I Ain’t Heard of That (Featuring Jay-Z Produced by The Neptunes) by Slim Thug
19.Runaway (Produced by Kanye West) by Kanye West
20.I Still Love You (Produced by The Neptunes) by 702
21.Knock Knock (Produced by Kanye West) by Monica
22.Get em High (Featuring Common and Talib Kweli Produced by Kanye West) by Kanye West
23.Last Call (Produced by Kanye West) by Kanye West
24.Out The Game (Featuring and Produced by Kanye West) by Consequence
25.Numbers on the Boards (Executive Produced by Kanye West) by Pusha T
26.Gangsta Lean (Produced by The Neptunes) by Clipse
27.I Gotcha (Featuring Pharrell Produced by The Neptunes) by Lupe Fiasco
28.Girls Dem Sugar (Featuring Mya Produced by The Neptunes) by Beenie Man
29.Get Out The Ghetto (Produced by The Neptunes) by Ray J
30.Ma I Don’t Love Her (Produced by The Neptunes) by Clipse
31.Grown Man Remix (Featuring John Legend and Kanye West Produced by Kanye West) by Young Gunz
32.Pass the Courvoisier (Featuring Diddy and Pharrell Produced by The Neptunes) by Busta Rhymes
33.Candy (Produced by The Neptunes) by Foxy Brown
34.Make Her Say (Featuring Kanye West and Common Produced by Kanye West) by Kid Cudi
35.You Don’t Have to Call (Produced by The Neptunes) by Usher
36.It’s Over (Featuring Kanye West Produced by Kanye West and The Neptunes) by John Legend

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